Sunday, 19 May 2013

May Meeting - Locomotive Chassis Building

Today's meeting was mainly a talk by Richard Wilson.

Also included was distribution of a draft of his "workshop tools" list, which will probably finish up on the VAG - this gave rise to some discussion of various individual items on there, such as optical centre punches, with Richard and Justin using their tablets to look up suppliers, specific models and prices.

Richard had brought along about half a dozen varied locomotive chassis to accompany his talk, and a wide range of tools, as well as his "test track in a snooker cue case", and various other members had brought along examples they wanted to talk about.

There were wide-ranging discussions on various different techniques, and their advantages and disadvantages, with Richard contributing some of the history behind them.

The afternoon concluded with a brief tour of some of the machine tools available at Keen  House

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday 21 July, 1pm to 5pm, Keen House again, and will be on the subject of building wagons.

Topics earmarked for future meeting include trackwork, weathering, DCC, and more on loco-building (probably bodies).

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