Monday, 29 July 2013

July Meeting - Wagons and Wagon Building

The topic for the most recent meeting held on July 21st was wagons and wagon building. Some confusion about the start time meant that the meeting re-started at least twice as the attendees arrived. Richard apologised and the 'correct' start time for future meetings has been agreed. He promised to get it right in future.

We had 6 members in attendance and most had brought along relevant sections of their libraries and there were plenty of models on show and to discuss. There was plenty of lively discussion and debate about all aspects of prototypes and methods and ideas for their reproduction as models. Despite having taken a camera I didn't take it out of the case so there are no photographs, for which I must apologise.

The meeting date for September is to be agreed but the time will be 1pm! The topic will be trackwork. It is hoped that we will have a live copy of Templot for a demonstration and some time for a hands on session to get people started on making 'points'.

Advance notice is also given that the November meeting will be something a little special as Keen House opens it's doors for a 2mm themed open day. This should feature all sorts of demonstrations among the usual social activities and even a layout or two. More details nearer the time.

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